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Starlight Mayhem is an exhilarating mod for Friday Night Funkin' that promises a dazzling combination of rhythm and competition. As Boyfriend, you'll have the ...


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"Starlight Mayhem" - Rise to Stardom in a Rhythmic Showdown

Step into the spotlight and showcase your musical prowess in "Starlight Mayhem," an exhilarating mod for Friday Night Funkin' that promises a dazzling combination of rhythm and competition. As Boyfriend, you'll have the opportunity to impress Girlfriend and the crowd at a local music festival while facing off against a talented duo of singers. Created by the talented modder TheMaskedChris, "Starlight Mayhem" offers a unique experience that adds a new layer of excitement to the beloved Friday Night Funkin' universe.

Embark on a Musical Journey

The story of "Starlight Mayhem" begins when you and Girlfriend decide to attend a local music festival. While listening to a promising band, you catch the attention of CJ, a seasoned musician who recognizes your previous musical exploits. This chance encounter leads to a musical showdown where you'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills on stage. As the notes start to flow, you'll engage in rap battles against CJ and Ruby, two singers with their own distinct styles and challenges.

Three New Rhythmic Battles

Prepare to groove to the beat as you face off against CJ and Ruby in three exhilarating songs: "Inverted Ascension," "Echoes," and "Artificial Lust." Each song offers its own unique rhythm and challenges, testing your ability to stay on beat and outperform your opponents. The lively music, combined with the dynamic visuals, creates an immersive experience that draws players into the heart of the competition.

Multiple Gameplay Options

"Starlight Mayhem" caters to players of varying skill levels with five gameplay options to choose from: Standard, Flip, Chaos, One Arrow, and Stair. Whether you're a rhythm game enthusiast seeking a traditional experience or looking for a unique twist on the gameplay mechanics, the mod offers a range of choices to suit your preferences.

A Fusion of Music and Competition

The mod's creator, TheMaskedChris, has expertly crafted "Starlight Mayhem" to seamlessly integrate music and competition. The battle on stage not only tests your rhythm and timing but also immerses you in a vibrant world filled with melodies and challenges. The dynamic between CJ, Ruby, and Boyfriend adds depth to the narrative, enhancing the overall experience of the mod.


"Starlight Mayhem" injects fresh energy into the Friday Night Funkin' universe, offering players a chance to become musical stars and captivate the audience with their rhythmic skills. With its engaging storyline, challenging rap battles, and variety of gameplay options, the mod delivers an entertaining and immersive experience that fans of rhythm games and Friday Night Funkin' alike will enjoy. As Boyfriend, you'll take center stage, face musical challenges head-on, and create an unforgettable performance that leaves the audience cheering for more. Dive into the world of "Starlight Mayhem" and let the music guide you on your path to stardom!


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