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Friday Night Funkin’: Soul Springs

Friday Night Funkin’: Soul Springs

Friday Night Funkin': Soul Springs is a rhythmic odyssey that swaps neon alleys for mystical mountaintops. As Boyfriend, you'll ascend towards a breathtaking ...


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About Friday Night Funkin’: Soul Springs

Forget neon alleys and Friday night lights – tonight, we're ascending to mystical heights in Friday Night Funkin': Soul Springs! This captivating mod swaps cityscapes for serene mountaintops, where Boyfriend stumbles upon a forgotten secret... and a lunar rap rival unlike any other.


Lost in the whispers of ancient legends, Soul Springs beckons. You, as Boyfriend, embark on a journey fueled by curiosity and rhythmic prowess. The air hums with otherworldly energy as you climb towards the mountain's peak, guided by cryptic wall carvings and the promise of breathtaking panoramas.

But the summit holds more than just a view. Enter Lune, a moon-kissed figure draped in flowing robes. Her crescent-crowned head hints at an enigmatic past, her gaze as lost as yours in this forgotten realm. Yet, within her lies a challenge – a rhythmic duel under the starry expanse.

Get Ready to Groove

Soul Springs isn't just a visual tapestry; it's a symphony of electrifying beats. Prepare to face Lune in three heart-pounding rap battles, each pulsating with its own distinct flavor:

  • Crescendo: Ascend on a wave of rising melodies, matching Lune's escalating flow in this introductory clash.
  • Moonlit Ballad: Lose yourself in the beauty of a celestial serenade. The tempo lulls, but the stakes remain high in this lyrical waltz.
  • Entropy: Brace yourself for the final showdown. Pulsating bass meets frantic keystrokes as the fate of Soul Springs hangs in the balance.

Beyond the Beats

Soul Springs is more than just a mod; it's an atmospheric experience. Unravel the forgotten story etched in the mountain's face, piece by piece, through captivating cutscenes and dialogue. Discover the secrets Lune holds close, and what fate awaits this sacred sanctuary amidst the rhythm-fueled battles.

So, strap on your headphones, grab your mic, and prepare to ascend. Friday Night Funkin': Soul Springs awaits, offering a unique blend of mystical intrigue, stunning visuals, and pulse-pounding beats. Are you ready to rap for the fate of a forgotten world?

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